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Evolution is a dance film about a woman who experiences depression. A few months after a deep depressive episode, she decides that she no longer wants to allow her depression to rule her life. She realizes that she deserves to be happy too.

Domani is true story about the Chiaverini family who emigrated to Providence, Rhode Island in the 1950's and opened a sausage shop, "Chiaverini Sausage". We see the family business slowly becoming obsolete, while following Gaetano "Guy" and his dream of being a musician. All seems lost until Guy is offered a place in a band for the singing legend Frank Sinatra. Famously his favorite meal is sausage and peppers, so he tries the family recipe. He convinces the family to move out to Las Vegas where he is beginning his residency.

Spring break 2022 I went to the South By South West film festival with some classmates. I created a vlog documenting my experience.

Gilbert and Ava are reoccurring eccentric characters used at The University of Rhode Island. This story of Gilbert and Ava came from a mindset of desperately wanting to regain control over the things that became uncontrollable due to COVID. The idea for the story started with a door and the desire to slam it ten times over to release anger and detached feelings. Unhinged is about Gilbert, who wants to break free of his unforeseen confines to be with the girl of his dreams, Ava.

This music video rendition of Billie Ellish's song Oxytocin focuses on a woman, the lead dancer, who is betrayed and hurt by a man. In pain, she rallies her friends to verbally taunt said man, threatening revenge.